Acting Minister of Interior Affairs IEA, H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani met with the delegation of Sasakawa Peace Foundation from Japan. 

Tue, Dec 26 2023 10:25 AM

Yesterday, afternoon, the Acting Minister of Interior Affairs IEA, H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani & a number of Deputies of the Ministry met with the delegation of Sasakawa Peace Foundation of Japan in the meeting hall of the Ministry. 

The delegation included Mr. Atsushi SUNAMI, the President of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Mr. Tadamichi YAMAMOTO, former UNSG's Special Representative for Afghanistan & other members of this organization. 

The head of the delegation, Mr. Atsushi Sunami, praised the achievements of the Islamic Emirate in various fields, including comprehensive security, and said that he hopes that some existing obstacles, including economic problems, will be resolved soon.

According to Mr. Sunami, in order to solve the problems of Afghanistan, there is a need to hold various meetings between the non-governmental organizations and individuals. 

He also added that Afghanistan's problems can be solved by considering different ways, and once they are resolved, the gap between Afghanistan and the world will disappear. The delegation expressed hope for more assistance from Japan through UNAMA for the Afghans.

After welcoming the guests, H.E Khalifa said that Japan has helped Afghans in difficult situations and added that the historical relations between the two countries are positively affected by the deeds of kind and compassionate people like late Tetsu Nakamura. H.E Khalifa described the visit of experts from Sasakawa Peace Foundation & similar organizations as positive and said that we hope that these organizations would present an actual picture of the country's situation to others, which would lead to good political decisions.

H.E Khalifa also added: The restrictions imposed by foreigners causes the tragedy of human needs; However, the basic human needs of Afghans should be evaluated separately from the political issues. During the meeting H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani said that, prolonged political issues can be resolved through dialogue, understanding and bilateral relations.