Acting Minister of Interior Affairs IEA, H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani visited Takhar province. 

Wed, Jun 14 2023 5:20 PM

H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani, Acting Minister of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan, visited Takhar as part of his visits to the northern provinces of the country and addressed the people in a gathering held there. 

In the beginning, the governor of Takhar, Sheikh-ul-Quran Zia-ur-Rahman Madani, addressed the gathering and said that: 
Takhar has always been the center of knowledge and Jihad. Scholars of Hadith, Jurists and Huffaz of the Holy Quran have passed here. As an example, he mentioned the name of Abu Sulaiman Taloqani, who was a great jurist of this region. Besides this, he requested the construction of dams, roads, medical university and start of master's program in education sector in Takhar province. 

Khalil Ahmad Fakhri, on behalf of the tribal elders addressed the gathering and said that: The 555 Takhar Division was recently converted into a brigade by the Ministry of National Defense, it was a division in the communist era. We want its status to reinstated and those Mujahideen who are sitting idle at homes should be recruited along with other talented people. 

Qazi Inayatullah, in approval with the suggestions of the governor, said that: We support the system, it is a Sharia order to consult scholars and knowledgeable people, and any leader who does not accept the advice is deposed.

Later, Takhar Police Chief, Nasrullah Huzaifa said that: The Almighty has accepted our wish to meet our leaders, Praise be to Allah, there is good harmony between us. If attention is paid to the construction of roads in the eight districts of Mawra-ye Kokcha area, many problems of the ordinary people will be solved with it.

In the end, H.E Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani gave his speech. He said that: Afghanistan is the heart of Asia, the heart does not have north or south, it beats all together.

H.E Khalifa said that: Afghanistan will be built with the help of Almighty, but there is a great need to create ideas. If we aren’t able to create the idea of ​​national unity, we will always be in conflict. A national and Islamic thought is the cure for Afghanistan's agony.
Half of the people who went abroad have their homes here, they should ask from their relatives, general amnesty is guaranteed.

On behalf of Amir-ul-Momineen, H.E Khalifa told the gathering that: Esteemed Shiekh told us to be very gentle with the prisoners and justice should be implemented in the courts. He banned drugs, but he did not took any political concessions. He further added that Amir-ul-Momineen gave those rights of women that were not given to them since a long time such as their rights of inheritance and when they used to be wedded to settle feuds. 

While pointing to the topics of implementation of projects of domestic revenue, price control, security, one leadership, not taking revenge, and starting work on extraction of mines he mentioned that I do not want to make a promise, but I want to inform you and assure you that the work has been started.